Our “Why”

Why would anyone pack up a seemingly perfect life full of success?? Well that’s the million dollar question we are asked all the time, and you know what, it really wasn’t that hard. As the leaders of our family, we have always been conscious of allowing ourselves to be lead via that which inspires us. This is our life motto, and the glue which keeps us ‘on track’ so to speak.

To be perfectly clear our decision to pack our entire lives into a caravan wasn’t due to any one thing; it was more a collaboration of events which tipped our life inspiration upside down, therefore dampening our life experience at the time. Here is the picture for you.

We had just purchased and completely refurbished a warehouse which would become the PSE supplements hub, complete with gym, a multidisciplinary health practice and an organic paleo cafe. We had three children (then 8 months old, 2 & 4), Shannon worked 50 hour weeks and Michelle spent all her time doing the ‘mum stuff’ i.e. everything! It wasn’t long until we both felt burnt out and like the ‘rat race’ had consumed us. Enter illness.

As it happens time and time again, the universe finds ways to challenge us, ultimately setting in motion the change which is necessary for our personal growth and next wave of inspiration. At the time of course this just feels like sheer bad luck and more than anyone can bear. This though was the turning point of our lives.                                                                                                               Michelle had contracted both Glandular Fever (EBV) as well as Mycoplasma Pneumonia, meaning that she had one massive fight on her hands. Two of the worst bacterial and viral infections to deal with and both at the same time. We took this as an early warning sign that change was necessary and spent the following 12 months in a period of recovery and convalescence.

It was towards the end of the recovery process that we had ‘that talk’ which many couples find themselves having; we needed to discuss what the future would bring and to gauge what ‘living now’ would look and feel like. We decided to take a journey of a different kind and to unite the family after the previous years’ struggle which had affected everyone. Yes, even children are affected by the traumas which us adults don’t think they understand.

When 1 year turned into 2 we knew that our lives had changed forever, and that nothing would ever be the same again.

And now as we did then, we trust the process of life and allow inspiration to be our driving force and prime motivator for what we do and how we choose to live.

Everyday we all choose, and so our question for you is ‘What do you choose next’?

With love

Shannon and Michelle.