The Travelling Wellness Show | Episode 6: Post Match Fight Recap with Anthony Mundine
In February 2016 Shannon Brenton left his clinic of 16 years, deciding to experience life with his wife & 3 children. The duration wasn’t set, but the objective of visiting the country’s most respected & influential players in the health & wellness industry certainly was. United as a podcast series called “The Travelling Wellness Show”, these are the stories from the road… The podcast explores general health, nutrition and lifestyle with one of Australia’s most experienced Clinicians.
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Episode 6: Post Match Fight Recap with Anthony Mundine

Episode 6: Post Match Fight Recap with Anthony Mundine



11 years ago Anthony Mundine closed the door on a rivalry that had been brewing for a very long time. And for 11 years, Danny green has dreamed of redemption, a dream that came into form on Friday night when he beat Mundine in a unanimous points decision.

As boxing often goes though, the win didn’t come without its share of controversy, as Mundine was on the receiving end of a suspect score card where a single judge scored the contest a 98/90 in Green’s favour.


On this episode, PSE supplements owner Shannon Brenton talks directly to the man himself to get his thoughts, feelings & considerations of the event that was.

Choc happily answers fan questions and the almighty one on everyone’s lips surrounding his probable retirement. He also gives his take on ‘that punch’!

Nutrition, supplementation, fight prep, religion, business and legacy are all covered here, so take a listen and make your own mind up about the man you’ve always loved to hate.

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