Episode 5: The Rise And Fall Of Mass Nutrition founder Luke McNally


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If you, or someone you know have ever purchased a protein supplement or pre-workout, chances are that you have put a dollar or two in the till of a Mass Nutrition store.



In 2014, these were the kind of headlines that graced the business review pages. Within only 18 months however, journalists began reporting on what appeared to be an entirely different person completely



Luke “Mass” McNally appeared to have it all, before his personal life took major turns & his empire subsequently  began tumbling around him.

Now, Luke is broke & has stood down as the CEO of his own company, due to the damage that his life choices placed upon his business and business partners.

With time though comes clarity, and there isn’t a whole bunch that will keep Luke down. From the comfort of his lounge in Melbourne, and with the support of his partner Evelyn, we get the chance to hear Luke’s side of this whirlwind story.

From champion bodybuilder to acclaimed business owner, this is the story of a bloke who only ever wanted to play the drums and fight fires; both of which he also did to success.


“I never enjoyed the business side whatsoever; I just wanted to help people”

-Luke McNally

While it is no secret that there are two sides of Luke McNally, his passion for helping others, and skill of supplement formulation will be what he is ultimately remembered for. As this podcast reveals, it is exactly this that Luke wants to get back to as he learns some life lessons the hard way. 

And strangely, beneath it all we reveal a sensitive side to Luke that isn’t necessarily obvious upon first impression; for what lies inside the bodybuilder & under all the tattoo’s, is simply a dad who pynes for a reconnection with the little lady in his life.

All the best Brother


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