Episode 4: Giving Cancer The Finger; A Survivor’s Story


As anyone touched by cancer will tell you, the “C” word normally always conjures up adjectives which best describe the end…

A Cancer diagnosis will pull on the mortal coil of not just the victim, but everyone around them, perhaps more significantly than any other disease will. The fight for life forces a process of critical evaluation unlike any other, as the multifactorial challenges of cancer treatment insist that no rock is left unturned.

In Episode 4, PSE supplements owner Shannon Brenton has a very real talk with a colleague who not only treats cancer in others, but has also felt its full wrath. 


“I still had heaps of energy, and really none of the symptoms which were linked to cancer. My bloods were clear and I had no cancer markers”

– Katrina Ellis


Katrina Ellis’s story is nothing short of inspirational. After being diagnosed with a rare & generally fatal form of cancer, Katrina started the very real process of fighting for her own life. This is a tale of shock and disbelief, and the tenacity of one woman who wasn’t ready to die.


“You aren’t going to live unless we do super intense chemotherapy with you”

– Diagnosing doctor.


Listen and learn as Katrina proves the doctors wrong!

Ladies and gents, I bring you Katrina Ellis

Much love


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