Episode 30. Pete Evans; What does it mean to be human?




“Our emotional disconnect from ourselves and each other is far more devastating than any food or beverage”

-Pete Evans


Welcome to episode 30 of The Travelling Wellness Show

Today I’m in the family kitchen of celebrity chef and controversial ‘foodie’ Pete Evans, to discuss, well, Life.
This episode is a glare into the real world of the guy you’ve all seen on television.
And one thing is for certain, there is far more to Paleo Pete than just his love of simple living.


“I am happy to be the messenger; the connector for the people out there who might not have as large a platform to deliver the message as some chef who’s famous for being a judge on a cooking show”

-Pete Evans


Under the suit in fact embodies a very mellow lover of life, of love and of truth.
Pete doesn’t drive an agenda of what he thinks the world should know, more an ideology of what is, and has been since the beginning of time. Pete’s deep respect for truth has led him through doors which once opened, cannot be closed nor denied.
Now I know, you ALL have an opinion of Pete. You either love his viewpoints and prescribe to his way of life, or you sit firmly on the other side, and at time rightly so, querying the evidence Pete so blatantly throws under the microscope, questioning everything you know or were taught.


” “The truth can be unsettling for people; it can be unsettling for the energy of a society”

-Pete. E


And where do I sit people ask, well firmly with Pete, and moreso with the growing list of researchers and clinicians who realised long ago that ‘health’ and ‘what works’ IS easily indentifiable when you work with enough people and realise that current dietary guidelines are an embarrassment to humanity.
Cheers Pete for the liver Terrine and genuine conversation about what it actually means to be human…
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Enjoy the show


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