Episode 31. There’s just something about Emily Skye




“I was depressed, insecure, suicidal & hated myself and my life. I actually tried to end it at 18yo”

-Emily Skye

Welcome to episode 31 of The Travelling Wellness Show

Today I’m on the Gold coast of Australia to chat with health and fitness influencer Emily Skye, along with partner Declan Redmond.

Oh another fitness influencer I here you ask?? NOT FOR A MINUTE, and as you’ll hear shortly, Emily Skye is different; unique in fact, in a way which words are difficult to describe. Sure she’s sexy, she’s sassy, and she’s the usual shot of aspiration for young and older girls alike, but she’s much more than that too. She’s also scarred, she’s brave, she’s evolved and she’s real; She shows much more than just skin, and her near 11 million FB followers alone are testament to the fact that there’s really just something about Emily Skye.

“Dec was my saviour & responsible for massive shifts in me. He helped me to be more positive and to change my perspective on life. I also removed a lot of negativity from my life, including people”



The Emily Skye brand has become an incredible source of inspiration for women from around the world, as Emily and her team set out to help women simply be the best ‘them’ they can be, via her online nutritional and training programs which quite simply lay down the necessary foundations for lasting change.


Of special interest to me to me however, is the massive change which has just embarked in Em & Dec’s personal lives, with the recent addition of beautiful baby Mia. Now any parent out there understands the deliberate shift a child places on business momentum & relationships, and so we are here today to chat with the guys about life, about parenthood and all things Emily Skye.


”  I like to show people that I go through the same things as they do. I’m just like them”



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Now sit back, grab a protein shake and get ready for a laugh…




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