Episode 29. Mastering Life with Kerwin Rae


“Ask me anything; I’m an open book”

 -Kerwin Rae

Welcome to episode 29 of the travelling wellness show

Kerwin Rae exploded onto social media a few years back now, with the promise of helping other people grow their existing & often struggling businesses into something special. This promise drew people from all over to examine the material for themselves, and to see if Kerwin could be the leader they were looking for. As the free one day events filled up fast, as did the three and five day business strategy programs, to the point of mass following. What supporters of Kerwin would find however, is that behind the brand lies a very wise and very experienced leader indeed; a man who has battled in the trenches both in life and in business, and is willing to share the whole story in an effort to fast-track life successes for others.

From ADD & Dyslexia, to several near death experiences, Kerwin Rae draws upon all life’s apparent flaws in order to bring a different experience both for his devoted K2 members, and also just for you. Kerwin acknowledges that a ‘business’ is simply an extension of oneself, and purposely takes his followers on a deep journey of self-discovery. Now sure there’s the expected business marketing strategising  & work rate efficiencies that a person would expect from a high level coaching course, but there’s also a heap of unexpected ‘hand-holding’, counselling and sometimes necessary truths which are ultimately required for your business progression. Funny that!

And so what does a podcast with Kerwin look like? Frankly it’s insightful, raw and honest. As you will hear, no subject is off limits and Kerwin is comfortable in his own exposure in an effort to connect with the flaws which we all feel. Kerwin IS a definite leader, rather than a boss. He asks nothing of those around him that he does not demand of himself.

“ I get more done in a day than the average person does in a week”


We discuss


*Kerwin’s upbringing and battle with academia from a young age.

*Kerwin’s apparent explosion onto the coaching world stage & the reality of what this took.

*Why there is opportunity behind every negative event, and how personal growth is achieved at these times.

*The process of Intermittent Fasting and why Kerwin chooses to follow it daily

*Kerwin’s diet and exercise regime.

*Kerwin’s recent marital divorce and what it has taught him.

*The daily processes which keep Kerwin puposely directed and focus driven.

*Work / Life efficiencies

Kerwin has been a personal friend now for a few years, and I can attest to the level of authenticity which he displays. The guy you see on stage is the very same guy that anybody shares personal time with. His obsession with personal mastery echoes throughout the brand which he drives, and is the reason why his famed K2 Elite course has grown exponentially in the past few years.

The K-Man as he is known, will continue to inspire via his no-bullshit emotive presence, and by tackling the core weaknesses blocking the flow of success in the lives of so many. Kerwin will also continue to lift the lid on the uncomfortable subjects that so many people don’t want to face, and will lead those who are fearless enough to follow. Kerwin, you are a man of the people, and an insanely dedicated creature to the cause. Stay inspired and keep inspiring.

We all love you




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