Episode 27: Where do superfoods come from?



“The whole concept of our business has followed a do-no-harm philosophy. It was our intention to make sure that the entire supply chain was in line with this concept” – Ben Purdie. Co-Founder of Vitality Trading Co

Welcome to Episode 27!

On this episode I’m on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia, to expose the truth behind the supply chain of the superfood movement.

Ben and Travis from Vitality Trading Co take us deep behind the scandalous layers which exist between the farmers and the packaged foods which you purchase in blind faith. We examine the true purpose behind ‘fair trade’ and furthermore peel the layers on what makes a triple bottom line business within the health industry.


This episode will leave you compelled to start asking the right questions, and not simply to find the right products, but also to positively affect the lives of the strangers who stand between your morning meal and the grounds from which those ingredients were spawned.

From the farm to the shelves in which you purchase these supplements, what is the real cost to humanity?

This episode is dedicated to all the companies out there doing the right thing, and a reminder to the others that we are watching…

You can learn more about Vitality Trading Co here

Enjoy the show



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