Episode 26: Male Anorexia & Muscle Dysmorphic Disorder (MDD)




I first started obsessing over what i ate, before starting to hide food and eating only in private. It was a scary time in my life”
-Josh Wiggins


In the lead-up to recording this episode, I mentioned to several people that the topic was going to be on Male Anorexia. Unequivocally, the response was one of amazement and generally followed a reply to the effect of “that would be really rare wouldn’t it??” And I’ll tell you what I told them…. “NO, no it isn’t in fact”

Male anorexia and MDD (as it’s more commonly known), are a bit like prostate cancer is to older men; a secret. Something that exists but isn’t commonly known, nor discussed. Today’s guest however has lived the nightmare and has promised himself that he will make a difference in the lives of others by sharing the fate he was dealt. The young, skinny kid I first met in the gym many moons ago was already under the heavy influence of body dysmorphia, and struggling in ways people would never know.

There is nothing especially different about Josh Wiggins, or his story for that matter. What is different though is his tenacity to fight the good fight, and his brave nature in completely disclosing his own demons in an effort to help any person who currently finds themselves in the throes of a similar state.


On this episode Josh and I discuss


-Early detection and the warning signs of what could be a problem.


-The reality of living with an eating disorder & it’s effects on loved ones.


-Muscle Dysmorphic disorder / Bigorexia




-Calorie observation & IIFYM


-The reality of drug use in young gym-goers


-The veil of delusion within the media & fitness industry & why ultimately the industries themselves are largely to blame.


Josh can be reached on his new IG account @_joshwiggins & is willing and able to support any of you who are currently struggling with similar life issues & requiring an open ear.
These things don’t just go away or get better on their own guys, so make a choice to live your life abundantly and reach out to those who can help.
Enjoy today’s show










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