Episode 25. An Unlikely Hero; from local surf club to Olympic glory




Somewhere around 8 or 9 nine years ago, a young and not very ambitious Lachlan Tame walked through my clinic doors. Referred by legend surf boat sweeper and Avoca Beach Surf club life member Richard Brierty, Lachy as he’s known, just wanted to be better. The vision at this point was small, yet Lachy was leaving his mark in local club races and showed promise for the future of his local club which had a strong history in results.


“I had a bit of a bet in 2010 that I would make the London Olympics. It wasn’t as easy as I anticipated!”

-Lachlan Tame


Spurred on by a bet against a mate, Lachy was true to his word and fast forwarding just a little he finds himself standing on the podium in Rio, 4 years after failing the original bet of London, and with the partner that he literally fell out of the kayak when competing against for the very first time a few years earlier. Ken Wallace became a mentor for Lachy, and paved the road forward for what was to become a life changing moment.



” I learned to do the little things right and to have fun with it all. Not being the best at anything meant I had to find the best ways to get little things done”

-Lachy on the kind of athlete he has become.


The story here isn’t necessarily of the Bronze medal collected in the 2016 Summer Olympics, yet more to do with the relentless grind and personal conviction that found an average athlete standing on the most important podium an athlete will ever stand on. From the comfort of his lounge room I bring you the Lachlan Tame story. From the beginning. Uncensored, and with the humility you’d expect from the guy next door.



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