The Travelling Wellness Show | Episode 24. Your Toxic Environment
Forget pills and potions, exercise and organic foods. In this episode of The Travelling Wellness Show, Shannon ponders the vast number of silent environmental killers which are only now relevant in the 21st century.
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Episode 24. Your Toxic Environment

Episode 24. Your Toxic Environment





Welcome to Episode 24 of the Travelling Wellness Show with Shannon Brenton, where today he travels back to Adelaide, South Australia, to talk with environmental illness guru Rick Hopton.

Rick is the guy you call when your health questions cannot be answered, and current modalities fail to offer acceptable solutions for a host of chronic symptoms ranging from asthma and sinusitis, right through to headaches and fatigue.

In this era of technological advancement that we live in, it’s really no surprise that not all modern conveniences are simply positive additions to out lives, as many people find themselves battling symptoms that modern medicine alone cannot explain.


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