Episode 21. The Psychology of Health


Are our thoughts and feelings the true predictors of physical health??

“95% of who we are & what we do is unconscious. Why are we not talking about what creates our behaviours, our thoughts & our feelings?” 

-Miriam Henke

Welcome to Episode 21 of the Travelling Wellness Show with Shannon Brenton, where today he travels to the Adelaide Hills of South Australia to chat with master health practitioner & Health Psychologist, Miriam Henke.

Shannon & Miriam essentially deconstruct the critical factors & processes which have become the framework for Miriam’s clinical program, the Mainspring method.


“My body was failing me and no body could give me an answer. No one could help me”

-Miriam Henke

As always, Shannon delves deep into the personal life of todays guest, serving ultimately as a real-life example of one person’s battle to reclaim their health. The net effect of this being that many of you will resonate with Miriam’s struggle, possibly seeing little bits of your self within her story.

Miriam doesn’t only action results for her patients, but she also teaches other practitioners in the wellness space how to better understand & treat those they serve.

More information on Miriam’s up-skilling programs & clinical regimes can be found here: http://www.miriamhenke.com


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