Episode 20. Mind, Body, Spirit Medicine with Dr Kylie Dodsworth


Why you, why here, why now?


“ True healing must consider the mind, body and spirit. I come from a place that straddles both worlds”

-Dr Kylie Dodsworth
Welcome to episode 20 of the travelling wellness show.
Every day I field calls and emails from people who are completely dissatisfied with their local GP and at the point of losing faith in the entire medical system.
With so much ‘them versus us’ constantly dividing the natural and allopathic modalities, you can hardly blame the end consumer when they literally don’t know where to turn next when their health takes a turn for the worse.

“ The issue was never about people being open to it, it was about the structure being open to it. (in clinic) I ran late a lot of the time”

Dr K

But you need not despair as more and more doctors are breaking away from the mainstream and starting to consider ‘all of you’ within the treatment paradigm. Despite the fact that once upon a time this was simply ‘best practice’, it certainly feels like a different time and place now, as people struggle in ways that medicine cannot always define, nor fully rectify.
Let me introduce you to Dr Kylie Dodsworth, an integrative medical practitioner from South Australia who combines her extensive medical knowledge with a deeper understanding of life, and our roles within it. Dr Kylie is a breath of fresh air, and simply put, a medical practitioner of the highest standard.
And let me just clarify for the record, I serve the people not the agenda, and in so, this is not an attack on general practise, more a reminder that complexed states of dysfunction always require complexed solutions for true healing to occur.
Love you guys. Please enjoy the show


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  1. 14/08/2017 / 7:41 am

    So refreshing to hear a straight-talking Doctor who wants to help fix the cause of people’s illnesses without writing a script in your allotted 15 minutes segment before sending you on the way. Good to hear that increasingly more people are taking responsibility for their own health and seeking out other answers.

    • admin
      26/08/2017 / 8:18 pm

      Glad you enjoyed the episode Laynie. Be well, Shannon…

  2. Anne LJ
    18/08/2017 / 5:45 am

    Not even half way through listening to Dr K and I need to pause and post this. I agree and want to reaffirm 25 mins in, What if the system placed a stronger focus on sustaining the healthy mind, body and soul of human society through financial and tangible assistance? If done, maybe, just maybe the focus will organically decrease from treating the currently, and ongoingly, unwell for the same ailment time and time again with a pill to knowhere different and allocate time, funds, expertise to sustaining the well.

    If society shifts it’s mindset, there will be less bottleneck hospital bed issues, less stress on the practitioners treating the sick, less drug use, less addiction, less theft, less heartache, a spike in employment and educational disciplines, better futures for our kids and theirs and we will blossom healthier families and longer lasting memories to share with each other.

    This does begin with us. Each individual needs to have the strong mindset to want to adapt and sustain the change and acknowledge the benefits large or small. One life to live, I want to live mine as well as I can. Thank you Dr K for your passion, you are one smart chick!

    • admin
      26/08/2017 / 8:17 pm

      Well said Anne LJ, and thanks for taking the time to post. Unfortunately the very same alterations you speak of would result in a Government admitting that up until now they have had it wrong, and subsequent reductions in scripted medications. The medical institution is a sickness institution and is quite happy profiting from the mishaps of its ways. Fortunately though, chicks like Dr K do exist, and will continue pushing back in the interest of us all. Thanks again, Shannon..

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