The Travelling Wellness Show | The Travelling Wellness Show Episode 16. Oceans Apart; A Fresh Approach To Leadership
The Travelling Wellness Show Episode 16. with Glen Hall - In this podcast I explore the world of Glen ‘Micro’ Hall. He is as much about the journey as he is the result, but don’t for a minute think this is some soft, new-age approach because under HIS wing, Micro’s athletes are dominant across world stages. Literally feeling his way as he goes, Micro keeps his athlete’s feet planted securely on terra firma, keeping deliberate consciousness around the reality of the lifestyles they endure; the travel, the idyllic locations, the ever changing cuisines, the people and of course the waves. Perfect waves. From the Ripcurl house in Margaret River I bring you a bloke who fell into the role of coach, but never read the handbook.
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Episode 18. Soul Surfer: The Cheyne Horan Story

Episode 18. Soul Surfer: The Cheyne Horan Story


“I once read this thing about footprints in the sand and decided not to tread the path of anyone else. I wanted to be original”

-Cheyne Horan

Welcome to episode 18 of the travelling wellness show

Let me start by saying that this episode has very little to do with surfing, and is possibly one of the most thought provoking episodes I’ve done & with content that was completely unexpected.

Surfing has simply offered today’s guest a deeper connection & unparalleled life perspective that only mother nature can possibly serve up.

Cheyne Horan is a true innovator, visionary & public activast, who has used his voice & public position to help make the world better.

“ I realised that surfing and life intertwined. If i sought to experience a wave in a different way, I also experienced life in a different way”

-Cheyne Horan

We discuss


*Cheyne’s affinity for macrobiotic eating, yoga & meditation & his ultimate goal of cleaning mind, body & Spirit

*Cheyne’s connection to legendary innovator Ben Lexen, and the fin that challenged the industry.

*How surfing changed his life, and the parallel between how one surfs & how one chooses to live.

*How age has affected his ability to do what he loves

*Cheyne’s crusade to put etiquette back into the water and the world.

*What it means to truly carve your own path in life


I love this bloke and am so pleased to introduce you to a true soul surfer.

We all have things to learn from Cheyne Horan

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  • Laynie Kelly
    Posted at 15:18h, 17 July Reply

    All the podcasts are great, this has to be the best yet. You don’t have to be a surfer to appreciate the wisdom and insights from this interview. I’m a scuba-diver and ex-competitive bodybuilder, and it’s so true about being in flow. Some days it all goes right, effortlessly, other days you encounter challenges. With weight training, occasionally you get the perfect day where the session goes by in the blink of an eye and you hit PBs. It’s those magical moments that makes it all worthwhile. His insights into sustainability prove he was 20 years before the time. So many points discussed in this interview, just connected and resonated with me. Thank you for this valuable interview with Cheyne.

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