Episode 17. Conventional Vs Organic Farming: What’s the real price?


Welcome to episode 17 of the travelling wellness show

Did you know that on average we consume approximately 200 eggs per year each and that’s talking it down for many, but have you every pondered the true reality of just what kind of egg you’re purchasing & the impact your choice is having not only on your personal nutrition, but also upon the reality of the laying hens?


Behind any consumerable food product lies our farmers & food tech specialists, who may or may not be considering the impact of their practices upon our health. And with recent stats eluding to the true reality of how may eggs we actually consume per capita, it’s high time we started to observe the impact of our food choices both upon the subsequent effects that are passed onto our health & that of our loved ones + the overall environmental impact of shitty ethical standards.

Today I tell the tale of 2 farmers, who ask all the right questions and focus upon perfecting small yield growing practices with eggs.

We discuss…

-Industry standards of ‘Free Range VS Organic and Pastured eggs, and how this relates to animal welfare.


– What is ‘meaningful access’ in the free range system, and why marketing is deceiving you every time you try to make an informed choice when choosing an egg to purchase

-The prevalence & disappointing reality of pesticide & herbicide overuse in the food industry + the toxic reality of conventionally grown food & why YOU need to start questioning what goes into your body.

-Why you should either be purchasing organic & pastured eggs from local farmers in your area OR keeping chooks at home yourself

-The reality of this low margin commodity, and the actual value of our food which unfortunately has become lost over time.

I hope this episode makes us all have a good look at our value systems around food, and start getting back to the larger life questions that have become lost throughout the daily struggle of life.

The guidelines around Pastured production can be found here https://www.proof.net.au/guidelines

Small scale home chicken tractors can be found here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicken_tractor


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