Episode 16. Oceans Apart: A Fresh Approach To Leadership


“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” — Winston Churchill


Let me introduce you to Glen ‘Micro’ Hall; the ex pro athlete turned coach, who is making waves in the world of surfing with his unique approach to leadership that certainly seems to be paying dividends.

With surfing now confirmed as an addition to the 2020 Olympics, opportunity for the current world elite is certainly hotting up as big brands bring along big money, and the prize purses continue to grow. BUT, with big money comes big stress, as athletes seek to ensure higher levels of their own self-mastery; literally pushing the limits at every turn at the world’s most dangerous surf locations.



In the world of Glen ‘Micro’ Hall however, he is as much about the journey as he is the result, but don’t for a minute think this is some soft, new-age approach because under HIS wing, Micro’s athletes are dominant across world stages.

Literally feeling his way as he goes, Micro keeps his athlete’s feet planted securely on terra firma, keeping deliberate consciousness around the reality of the lifestyles they endure; the travel, the idyllic locations, the ever changing cuisines, the people and of course the waves. Perfect waves.

From the Ripcurl house in Margaret River I bring you a bloke who fell into the role of coach, but never read the handbook.

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