Episode 11. Our Life On The Road


Have you ever dreamed of just packing up and leaving the life you currently lead? Well so did I, and so I did….

For 12 months now, I have travelled Australia to combine with my many and varied health colleagues, to create a series of stories that would both inspire and empower change within my audience.

After a 16 year full-time clinical career, my wife Michelle & I decided that a new phase to our journey would begin, as we literally shut up shop & loaded our three young children into a caravan for the journey of a lifetime around Australia.

And where would we go?? Wherever the best stories would be told.

And so The Travelling Wellness Show began.

I’ve been in the Health, Fitness & Wellness game for a very long time now, and contributed to the industries in a variety of ways, everything from supplement manufacture & wholesale, right through to the clinical and retail arms. People are my life, and health is my vehicle to create change.

Somewhere along the line though, full-time clinical work burnt me out and left me tired and uninspired. Life was more a series of day to day obligations, and even though I still loved my work and those I served, my desire wasn’t there. I wasn’t playing the game that I always dreamed of, and the efforts rendered over 16 years of full time work had only aided 60,000 people. Such is the reality of the 1:1 process, and every clinician understands this.

The Travelling Wellness Show was simply my way to give back to a broader audience, and to collaborate with other great minds who understand the often misunderstood subjects of health that hold the key to true transcendence.

This episode was recorded due to listener request, as people seem to fantisize with the notion of escaping reality. And in the words of Steve Jobs I leave you with this..

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  1. Warren brenton
    07/03/2017 / 1:57 pm

    That was great guys
    Keep enjoying the lifestyle there is so much more to see
    Hopefully we can catch up somewhere further north in a couple of months
    Love to you all
    Was n Janet

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