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     When I was a boy, the type of healthcare sought & utilised was the choice of my family, and my family alone. Fast forward 30 years though and it seems that 'choice' isn't always as accessible to everyone. For Episode 14 I simply tell the story of Homoeopathy as… View Post

     "Stress is an adaptive response to your environment. Is what's happening in your life under control, or is it out of your control and you can no longer change or exert an influence on it?" -Dr Elen   The topic of stress is usually met with two differing judgements;… View Post

     When you think of a personal trainer / gym trainer, what images does this conjure? Shannan Ponton's career began well over two decades ago; Before being a trainer was cool, and before entry to it's market place was simply a matter of dollars and a few quick weeks of… View Post

     Have you ever dreamed of just packing up and leaving the life you currently lead? Well so did I, and so I did.... For 12 months now, I have travelled Australia to combine with my many and varied health colleagues, to create a series of stories that would both… View Post

       There is so much noise in the fitness industry nowadays, with so many available movement patterns that the lay person simply gets caught up amongst the noise when it comes to making a decision about what's best for them. Nothing can be hardcore enough for the consumer either,… View Post