Meet The Family


Shannon is one of Australia’s most experienced and trusted Naturopaths, specialising in the primary fields of chronic disease and human performance. He heads up ‘The Travelling Wellness Show’s Podcast, consults clinically from the road and is responsible for all caravan towing duties! You can read more about Shannon here

Shannon’s passion is people and this is evident through everything he does.



Michelle is a Naturopath, Nutritionist and PT, bringing over 20 years of experience to the team and a lifetime of lessons. Michelle is the mum, the pack leader, the cook and keeps everyone else alive. She’s pretty important and we love her!



Beautiful, sensitive, enquiring, honest, excitable.

Eva is the eldest of our three children and bonds the kids together. She is generous and inclusive, and very sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others. A very kind soul who loves cuddles, family time, exploring, the beach and more than anything, horses!



Cheeky, dependable, versatile, funny, out-spoken, delicious

Out little Lara is fiercely independant, adventurous, a leader, and is often lost somewhere in self-play. She knows who she is, where she is going and who she is going with. This strong-willed little character who never told she is a middle child and knows zero boundaries. We love her to bits



Fun-loving, million miles an hour, sensitive, loving, cheeky.

Billy Brenton knows no boundaries. He can be found near the ‘big boys’, stamping his authority on any situation and making people laugh. This is a boys boy, but don’t call him ‘little, small ย or baby brother’ – these are fighting words!

Beneath the bravado though lies a very compassionate and sensitive ‘big boy’, who just wants to connect with everything and everyone around him.

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